• Tell the Nevada Legislature to bring back rooftop solar
    Designing and installing rooftop solar systems was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. But I lost my job when government regulators killed Nevada’s rooftop solar industry. I had to leave my newborn son behind to take a job in Texas to support my family. When I started in the solar industry, business was booming. There were close to nine thousand solar jobs in Nevada. It all changed when the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) cut net metering rates for solar customers. Overnight, the rooftop solar industry in Nevada collapsed. Around a thousand solar workers were laid off, many of us right before the holidays. Now there’s a chance to bring rooftop solar back to Nevada, returning good jobs to the state. The Nevada state legislature will be considering bills on rooftop solar, but we have to act fast. The legislature only meets every two years, for just four months. Please sign this petition to the Nevada Legislature now.
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    Created by James Atencio
  • #StopBannon! The White House is no place for white supremacy
    As the highest ranking member of Congress, we demand that Speaker Paul Ryan do everything in his power to vet and stop white supremacist Stephen Bannon from becoming chief strategist during Donald Trump’s administration. Speaker Paul Ryan has the power to hold members of his own party accountable. We demand him to do right by his own promises and protect our community against racism and white supremacy, which is embodied and represented by Stephen Bannon. References: 1. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/11/why-its-fair-and-necessary-call-trumps-chief-strategist-stephen-bannon-white-nationalist 2. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/us-elections-2016/Its-jail-or-deportation-for-3-million-migrants-without-papers-says-Donald-Trump/articleshow/55406259.cms 3. http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/13/politics/paul-ryan-donald-trump-obamacare-deportation-force/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_politics
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    Created by Felipe Matos
  • We Can Stop Demolishing Families Apart | Vote Yes on Proposition 64 in California
    As a Latino Iraq War Combat Veteran and son of a pastor and bible school teacher I have learned that God, family, and service to country and neighbor come first. And it’s why I’m voting Yes on 64 and asking you to join me. Growing up I saw the direct impact and great injustice the War on Drugs has had in low-income Latino and African-American families. Currently in the state of California Latinos and African-Americans make up 87% of the inmate population due to non-violent drug offenses, 1.8 million children don’t have a two parent house-hold because either one or both of the parents is currently incarcerated due to the War on Drugs, and Latino and African-Americans communities are losing $3.57 billion annually due to the life-tag of a non-violent drug conviction. Proposition 64 ends the criminalization of marijuana and allows our communities to start healing from the War on Drugs. With $50 million dollars in economic and job placement investment in low-income neighborhoods that have been disproportionately affected, pardoning our family members who have a non-violent misdemeanor or felony due to marijuana drug possession, providing education funding to ensure higher school retention, and ensuring our kids don’t go to jail for a petty marijuana offense is for me and many other Californians the first step towards breaking the Cycle of Poverty, the New Jim Crow, and ensuring our families and children stay together. I did not go and fight a War in Iraq to come back home and see our citizen’s corralled needlessly into prisons and our families torn apart. When you grow up in the Barrio and see your friends not being able to apply for financial aid because of their marijuana conviction, when you come back home from a tour overseas and realize your best friends Marcos and Adrian are locked up, and when you go to church and see the difficulties men and women face finding a job simply because they were convicted of doing something other states have already successfully made legal, you have to act. As a person of faith I have to act and I’m asking you to also because as my mother said, “Never get tired of fighting for was is right.” I humbly ask you to stand for what is right and vote for giving our brothers and sisters a second chance in life. Join me and Pledge to Vote Yes on Proposition 64 this November 8th. Learn more about Prop. 64 here: http://www.legalizeca2016.com/about The facts: http://theleafonline.com/c/business/2016/10/real-progressives-support-64/ Film on effects on people of color of marijuana criminalization: http://www.bravenewfilms.org/yesonprop64
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    Created by Arnoldo Alonso
  • Stop Payday Predators
    Payday lenders purposefully ensnare people in debt they can’t escape. These legalized loan sharks collect 75 percent of their fees from people stuck in more than 10 loans a year by charging 300 percent APR. It’s a debt trap.
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    Created by Erick Garcia Picture
  • Don’t Let Congress Run Out the Clock on 13.5 Million Workers
    This summer, the Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to implement a new overtime rule, which would raise the overtime salary threshold from $23,660 to $50,440, strengthening the right of 13.5 million additional workers to receive overtime pay and the right to earn a fair living. Unfortunately, our opponents in Congress are eager to steal this victory from workers by running out the clock on one of President Obama’s signature economic achievements. The Congressional Review Act dictates that all “major” rules are delayed for 60 legislative days after they are submitted to Congress and are subject to a “fast track” process for repeal. That process has to end before President Obama leaves office to guarantee a veto of any Congressional resolution of disapproval. If the DOL does not act soon, Congress will reverse this critical protection for millions of workers.
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  • Tell Apple to Remove Prison Empire Tycoon from App Store
    Apple CEO Tim Cook published a statement on the company's website speaking out against racism and announcing donations to organizations that "challenge racial injustice and mass incarceration." That's a great first step; now Apple needs to reexamine the content it makes available to the world. Allowing the Prison Empire Tycoon app to remain available directly contradicts Mr. Cook's statement and his financial contribution to fighting injustice. The private prison industry increases their profits by keeping inmate population counts high and expenses low, which means they benefit from crime and unjust policies that promote and prolong detention (which disproportionately impact people of color). While the Prison Empire Tycoon app incorporates rehabilitation programs and meeting inmate basic needs (both of which should be automatic and not require incentives), it also encourages the use of solitary confinement to manage problematic inmates - a practice that, in reality, causes lasting psychological damage and is akin to torture. The United States of America needs to rethink the entire criminal justice system from arrest to imprisonment and demand that people be treated with dignity and respect every step of the way; profits should never be prioritized over basic needs and human rights. An app like Prison Empire Tycoon allows people to view America's tragic mass incarceration problem as a game and dehumanizes the lives of those living through injustice. If Apple truly wants to honor their mission to "create technology that empowers people to change the world for the better," they need to remove this app. https://www.mintpressnews.com/private-prison-simulation-game-goes-viral-on-apple-app-store/269324/
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