Community Agreements and Interactions

All successful social movements begin from building a community of people that respect each other and know how to work through conflict. One way we'll help establish a community is by creating the Community Agreements below.

You're welcome to come in and use the space as long as we're working towards the same goals and you respect the people around you. This means:

  • This is a space for people who want to create a more progressive world. At times we might disagree on what is and isn't progressive – that's healthy! But for liability purposes we reserve the right to remove campaigns that do not align Presente's mission.
  • We believe in racial justice and dignity for all. We are committed to social justice, liberation, ending oppression, and elevating the leadership of those of us most impacted by racism, patriarchy, ablism, classism, homophobia and other manifestations of oppression. We value the Latinx racial and ethnic diaspora and our full diversity as a people.
  • We believe in climate change. If you'd like to debate the science behind it, the internet is a big place and you can easily do it somewhere else.
  • We believe in women's, minority and gay rights and will not tolerate any racist, sexist or homophobic campaigns in our building.
  • We believe in creativity, integrity, and culture-shift: Innovating and finding new ways stand out and connect with the values, hearts, minds, imagination, and culture of our people and allies is critical to the work we do together.
  • This is a shared space. You're responsible for keeping your campaign up to a reasonable standard and doing the work to make it a success. The Presente community hopes to support you with educational, resource, and other tools as we develop them.
  • All campaigns on SOMOS are important to us. But not all campaigns will be treated equally. Our small passionate staff and allies will invest more resources in campaigns we think are going to make a big impact or are close to winning.
  • If you leave nasty comments lying around you'll be asked to leave.
  • There might be glitches, bugs and inconveniences along the way as we live together. If this happens please be patient - we'll try to fix things as soon as we can.
  • Now, welcome! Take a look around and make yourself at home. We can't wait to work with you!