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#StopBannon! The White House is no place for white supremacy

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Felipe Matos
#StopBannon! The White House is no place for white supremacy

We demand that Speaker Paul Ryan do everything in his power to block Stephen Bannon from becoming one of the highest-ranking staffers inside the White House.

Speaker Ryan has promised that it isn’t their intention to hunt down immigrants, but the appointment of Stephen Bannon, a well-known white supremacist, makes us believe they have every intention to deport us, criminalize us, and persecute us. The United States is also our country and we will continue resisting to protect our communities.

Why is this important?

As the highest ranking member of Congress, we demand that Speaker Paul Ryan do everything in his power to vet and stop white supremacist Stephen Bannon from becoming chief strategist during Donald Trump’s administration.

Speaker Paul Ryan has the power to hold members of his own party accountable. We demand him to do right by his own promises and protect our community against racism and white supremacy, which is embodied and represented by Stephen Bannon.



Reasons for signing

  • white supermacy is wrong
  • Trump is another minority president. He is ignoring the fact that he lost the popular vote. He is trying to force his regressive agenda on the majority. I will fight his effort to take this country back to the days when "the good old boys" ran everything in this country.
  • I don't want to see a white racism supremacist become chief strategist for our country. I believe this would be a very dangerous move that would affect many people, especially minorities and discriminate against them.


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