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To: Marco Rubio

Tell Marco Rubio that Families Don't Belong in Cages

Florida Immigrant Coalition

Florida Senator Marco Rubio must take a stand and defend our families. Congress must stop using children as bargaining chips to push legislation that will further devastate immigrant and refugee families for decades. We are asking Sen. Rubio to cosponsor and pass the Keep Families Together Act and the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2018, and we demand that he reject the hateful Goodlatte and Trump-Ryan immigration bills that would make things even worse for our immigrant communities. Families belong in communities, not cages.

Why is this important?

The images and audio we’ve all seen and heard in the past few days have been beyond heartbreaking. We are watching our communities, our families, being torn apart in ways many of us never thought we’d see. Thousands of children are being taken from their parents, often unable to find each other, speak to each other, without any guarantee of being reunited.

Here in Florida, an emergency shelter in Homestead is now filled beyond capacity with over 12 hundred children. People across the country are demanding a stop to this brutality.

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