To: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke: Don't turn your sheriffs into ICE agents! No 287g!

Sheriff Clarke: Don't turn your sheriffs into ICE agents! No 287g!

Sheriff Clarke,

Please do not enroll your department in the 287g program, which would have your officers deputized to act as ICE agents, separating thousands of Wisconsin families and subjecting everyone to a campaign of racial profiling and anti-immigrant terror.

Aguacil Clarke,

Por favor, no se inscriba su departamento en el programa 287g, lo cual hace que sus oficiales se conviertan en agentes de inmigración, para luego separar miles de familias de Wisconsin, someter a todos a una campaña de perfiles raciales y terror anti-inmigrante.

Why is this important?

Sheriff Clarke has said that he intends to enroll the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office in the 287g program, which would have his officers deputized to act as immigration agents. 287g has been totally discredited nationwide. Where it has been implemented, it has lead to an increase in racial profiling and constitutional rights violations. Communities that enrolled in the program, like Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County, Arizona, have wasted millions defending themselves in civil rights lawsuits, while serious crimes have gone ignored. The program would make tens of thousands of people in Milwaukee County afraid to report crimes, making all less safe.

El Aguacil Clarke ha dicho que pretende inscribir la oficina del Aguacil del Condado de Milwaukee en el programa de 287g, lo cual hace que sus agentes serán diputados como agentes de inmigración. 287g ha sido desacreditado a escala nacional. Donde ha sido implementado, ha llevado un aumento en perfiles raciales y violaciones de derechos constitucionales. Las comunidades inscritos en el programa, como la de Joe Arpaio, el condado de Maricopa, Arizona ha malgastado millones al tener que defenderse en juicios sobre derechos civiles, mientras delitos serios han sido ignorados. El programa hará que decenas de miles de personas en el Condado de Milwaukee, tendrán miedo de reportar crímenes, resultando en menos seguridad para todos.

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Reasons for signing

  • The purpose of our County Sheriff's Department is to protect Milwaukee County citizens. ICE is a federal level of enforcement and not a county level of enforcement.
  • The only people in America that ARE NOT immigrates are the Indians. The white is an awful species. They have wrought destruction everywhere they go. I am a white southern born female and I'm a super progressive.
  • we are immigrants, we are all in this together!


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