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To: City of Hopkins, City of Minnetonka, Hopkins Public Schools, and Three Rivers Park District

#SaveTheDepot Let's Ride!

I am writing to you today to urge you to support the funding, continued operation, and public accessibility of The Depot Coffee House in Hopkins, MN. This youth-serving program has been a vital and inspirational part of the community since its inception in 1998, and this year marks its 25th anniversary.

The Depot Coffee House is a unique establishment in that it is inspired, led, and supported by the youth of the community. Programs and the coffee shop have been shaped by the youth board members with the support of adult mentors. The connected music venue is managed by trained Depot youth volunteers, with youth bands performing every Friday night. It is a great model for a youth organization.

The coffee shop at the Depot provides a much-needed amenity for the youth programming as well as for the wider community. Located on the trail system and at a popular intersection, it attracts regular commuters, bikers, and groups who reserve the large room for daily or weekly meetings. All profits generated by the coffee business directly support the youth programming. The Depot Coffee House has been an invaluable resource for the youth of Hopkins and the wider community.

It also has served as a space for youth programming, leadership development, and community engagement. Its closure would have a significant impact on the community, particularly on the youth who have benefited from its programs and services over the years.

I am deeply concerned regarding the recent actions taken to suspend operations at the Depot Coffee House by the City of Hopkins, the City of Minnetonka, the Hopkins School District, and the Three Rivers Park District. It also is concerning that the Depot Program Coordinator position may not be re-hired due to a lack of sufficient revenue.

I urge you to take action to ensure that the Depot Coffee House remains funded, supported, and open to the public. This youth-serving program is an essential part of the community and should be maintained to continue providing safe spaces for youth-focused programming and leadership development.

Why is this important?

The Depot Coffee House is an invaluable resource for the youth of Hopkins, MN and the wider community. It has served as a safe space for youth-led activities, showcasing local talent, and building community relationships for over two decades. It is imperative that we continue to support and fund this program to ensure its continued success and impact on future generations.

Please take action to ensure that the Depot Coffee House remains funded, supported, and open to the public. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Hopkins, MN, USA

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2023-03-15 16:35:16 -0700

Please contact the city officials listed below to demand that they take immediate steps to preserve The Depot! Speak from your heart and share your personal stories of how The Depot has positively impacted your life and your community. Call and email the officials listed below and let them know that you urgently request their help in saving The Depot.
Ari Lenz - Assistant City Manager
952-548-6303, [email protected]
Nick Bishop - Finance Director
952-548-6330, [email protected]
Mike Mornson - City Manager
952-548-6301, [email protected]
We understand that the program is facing budget deficits, and we firmly believe that there are creative and sustainable solutions that can be developed in partnership with the student board and other key stakeholders. Together, we can find a way to address these financial challenges while preserving The Depot and ensuring that it continues to serve as a vital resource for our youth.
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