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To: Senator Marco Rubio

Don't let this DACA-eligible youth with mental developmental delays get deported

This campaign has ended.

My name is Dolores Gaspar Garcia. I am writing today because of the love that I have for my brother Juan Gaspar Garcia.

There is nothing wrong with fighting for your dreams and it is not a crime people should be held for. We are a family of four. Juan is the oldest, but for us he has always been the youngest, because of his mental developmental delays. My brother is unable to understand situations without proper explanation because of his mental developmental delays. Nonetheless, even with his developmental delays, he has always tried to shine and achieve his goals.

Juan was 14 years old when he came to the United States, a year after his mom in Guatemala passed away. He went to South Fork High School in Stuart, FL, where he obtained a High School Diploma and graduated in May 2007. This makes him eligible for DACA and therefore he should be protected from deportation, even though he was unable to apply. Now, like over a million other youth that would have been eligible for DACA, he can't be protected from deportation unless Congress takes action.

On March 28, both of my brothers were arrested in an ICE raid in Fort Pierce. Since our brother had DACA, he was released, but Juan was kept in detention, taken away from his family despite his special needs.

Tell Senator Marco Rubio to join the fight to protect my brother Juan from deportation! He must be released to his family so he can receive the care he needs.

Why is this important?

I believe that what is happening to my brother Juan is unjust and unfair. There is nothing wrong with fighting for your dreams and it is not a crime people should be imprisoned for.

Juan always seeks a way to surprise us. I remember that he used to always tell me that for him I was his mother, since our mother passed away in February 2004. It is very important for him to be with our family because we make sure that we are taking care of his special needs.

In our home country of Guatemala, there's nobody who can take care of him. I know that without his family it will be very difficult for him to be safe and cared for. We are always there for each other.

Juan does not have to go through this. I’m sure that he needs me at this moment. I cannot imagine how scared he is right now, and he has no idea of what is happening to him right now. He deserves the right to be with his family and to feel safe again.

Please help us keep our family together!
Florida, USA

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His family is so happy to have him back, and they're incredibly grateful for all of your support in making this happen. He was released from detention this afternoon into the custody of his sister, who is so relieved to have him back in her arms.

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