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To: Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly

Sheriff Clarke is Unfit for any Office!

Photo by Joe Brusky.

Do not appoint Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to any position in the federal government! Clarke is incompetent, corrupt, and a mouthpiece for white supremacists! He is unfit for any office and needs to face criminal charges for the human rights abuses and deaths at his jail!

Why is this important?

In a 6 month period last year, 4 community members died in Clarke's jail, including a newborn baby and Terrill Thomas, who died of dehydration after guards shut off his water for 8 days. Clarke later threatened the medical examiner in an attempt to obstruct the investigation into Thomas' death. Clarke is being sued by dozens of women who were shackled by his deputies while giving birth.

Clarke has wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in litigation while enriching himself as a mouthpiece for white supremacists. He has referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as "black slime" and "garbage," and compared the movement to ISIS. He has slandered Muslims. He has called for beating up protesters and said he wants to round up 1 million dissenters for Guantanamo. He has threatened violence against elected officials and community members opposed to his policies.

Clarke wants to turn Milwaukee County Sheriffs deputies into Immigration agents through the discriminatory 287g program, which Joe Arpaio used in Arizona to racially profile and terrorize immigrant communities. Clarke would use his new position to continue his vicious rhetoric against immigrants, Muslims, and Black people, and to bully sheriffs and chiefs of police into adopting 287g, which is opposed by the vast majority of local law enforcement and elected officials.

Secretary Kelly, do not appoint Sheriff Clarke to any position in the federal government!




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